Monday, October 1, 2018

Garden City Pawn’s Thomas Blaine: “My Story”

  • Do you ever wonder, “what’s the story behind the pawnshops near me?”
  • What do you really know about your pawnshop?
  • What standard should you be looking for in a pawnshop?

Where you take your items to pawn is your choice. You may wonder, “Who are the people behind the pawnshops near me?” “How long have they been in business?” “What do they value?”

You’re not alone in these questions. In a small town, you’re more likely to know the business owner, how long he/she’s been in business, their family, their interests, and their values. In a large city, this may not be possible. You’re left knowing very little about the history of the business or the owner’s values.

To learn the story behind Garden City Pawn, read on!

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